Reverse Osmosis Water Filter,  Water Softener,  RO Plant

Reverse osmosis is a membrane separation unit. It is the forced passage of water through a membrane against the natural osmotic pressure to accomplish separation of water and ions.

Osmosis is a process which can be defined as a passage of liquid from weak solution to a more concentrated solution across a semi permeable membrane. The semi permeable membrane allows the passage of liquid (solvent) but does not allow solids (solutes) to pass through.

Application of external pressure to the salt solution side equal to osmotic pressure will also cause equilibrium. Additional pressure will raise the chemical potential of water in the salt solution and cause a solvent flow to pure water side, now at a lower chemical potential. This phenomenon is called Reverse Osmosis.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, Reverse Osmosis Water Softener

TSA started its activities in 1999. TSA had a purpose to serve to the piping needs of the food, beverages and pharmaceutical industries. Since TSA was incorporated we have concentrated on sanitary piping design and installation, design and fabrication of custom equipments and sales of distributed products.


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